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Abacus has a 15+ year proven track record of profitably distributing and growing specialized insurance products.

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Expanded Broker Reach

Carriers gain instant access to a nationwide network of over 4,000 retail insurance brokerages, representing over 10,000 insurance professionals. Brokerages are added daily and are generally smaller offices that do not have many direct appointments with major carriers.

Advanced Automation Capabilities

Abacus is 100% automated and cloud based. Any report, any data, no problem. Feeds, aggregate monitoring, marketing and more. You name it, Abacus does it. And that’s on top of real time quoting, policy issuance, endorsements, certificates, compliance and more.

We believe in complete transparency with our partners

Anything related to the business we produce for you is viewable in real time. Transactions and all data are completely transparent. If a quote and/or transaction appears on the Abacus platform, the carrier has immediate, up to the minute access -- from the rating algorithms, to form assignment, rules, policy output and applications -- everything that goes into the risk. The carrier can audit individual risks remotely and efficiently as well as audit the program from a broader, aggregate perspective.

No Comparative Rating

Abacus does not comparative rate. Rather, we develop products that are priced competitively. We spend our time finding the best carrier partners. Our model provides superior products and an exceptional user experience which we believe is just as important, if not more so.

Complete Objectivity and Compliance

Abacus implements each product with controls that result in strict adherence to underwriting guidelines and disciplines and with complete objectivity. Identical risks will receive identical quotes. In the Abacus model, quotes comply with all regulatory requirements including rating guidelines, form usage, premium modification application, OFAC checking, broker licensing, broker E&O and more.

Cross Marketing

As the Abacus program portfolio continues to grow, all Abacus carrier partners reap the rewards of cross marketing opportunities innate to the Abacus model.


The rules are the rules! Abacus quotes each risk in strict adherence to the filings and guidelines. This objective approach has a proven track record of producing loss ratio results that are substantially below industry norms.

Let's work together

We continually grow our program portfolio by adding specialty programs that expand the breadth as well as the reach within our program categories. We are passionate about the insurance business and welcome an inquiry to explore how we can work together to improve our offerings.

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