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Contractors Equipment Floater

Comprehensive coverage for the Scheduled & Unscheduled equipment of contractors.

The Contractors Equipment Program is designed to cover a broad array of equipment for small to medium sized contractors. Covered items can range from the small, lightweight equipment up to heavy equipment.


Coverages available through the Contractors Equipment Floater Program include:

  • Scheduled Equipment
  • Unscheduled Equipment
  • Rented Equipment
  • Office Contents
  • Extra Expense
  • Equipment Leased/Loaned to Others
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Business Income

Types of Equipment

Compressors Air Compressors, Welders, Pumps
Heavy Equipment Augers, Draglines, Forklifts, Pile Drivers, Tractors, Other Heavy Equipment
Lightweight Portable Equipment Electric Drills, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Sanders, Skill Saws
Other Mobile Property Jack Hammers, Mixers, Work Trailers
Road Machinery Asphalt & Concrete Finishers, Backhoes, Batching & Mix Plants, Ditchers, Graders, Loaders, Rollers, Scrapers, Tractors
Side & Rear Dump Units Earth Movers, Excavots, Trenchers
Other Various other items

Eligible Contractors

  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet/Furniture Cleaning
  • Concrete Construction
  • Door, Window installation
  • Electrical
  • Gardening
  • Handyman
  • Metal
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Tiles, Stone, Marble
  • Over 50 other types of contractors

Coverage Definitions

What types of equipment can be covered?

  1. Owned Equipment
  2. Office Contents
  3. Rented Equipment
  4. Miscellaneous unscheduled equipment. Limited to $500 Max per item and $10,000 max per Policy.
  5. Additional Coverages
    1. newly purchased items reported within 45 days of purchase, up to lesser of $250,000 or 25% of scheduled limit. 
    2. Debris Removal -the lesser of $100,000 or 10% of the scheduled limit
    3. Employee's Tools - $5,000 any one loss for all employees, subject to a max of $500 per employee
    4. Expendable Supplies (fuel, oil, grease, etc.) - $1,000

Covered Causes of Loss

Coverage is provided for damage, destruction or loss resulting from covered losses that include but are not limited to: fire, theft, vandalism, breakage and water damage. If equipment is newer than 5 years, coverage is provided for the cost to repair or replace equipment with new equipment. If equipment is older than 5 years, it will be covered at Actual Cash Value.

Coverage Territory

The coverage territory is the United States.

Major Exclusions

  1. Wear and tear, electrical surge, mechanical breakdown, confiscation by government, dishonest acts, intentional damage, damage while being repaired, and mysterious disappearance.
  2. Plans, blueprints, specifications, designs, records, or any similar property
  3. This policy excludes coverage entirely for:
    • Sub-renting equipment that you have rented, leasing or loaning others.
    • Property while waterborne - Aircraft, watercraft, automobiles, trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles, motor scooters, or any other vehicles designated primarily for highway use.
    • Any Crane equipment or logging equipment - Any equipment principally used underground

Eligible States

The Abacus Contractors Equipment Floater program is currently available for clients located in the indicated states. Hover over each state for a list of lines of business available.

The content displayed on this website is for informational purposes only and is not an offer for insurance. To apply for insurance, contact your broker.
Coverages referenced on this website may not be available in all territories and may vary depending on the exposure. Minimum premiums may vary by state.

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