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Foreign Events

Events outside the U.S. & Canada, up to 10,000 attendees. Single event and multiple event (annual) policies.

Eligible Events

To be eligible for Foreign Event Package, the Event must:

  1. Not have stunts, pyrotechnics or underwater activities.
  2. Not have more than 10,000 attendees per day.
  3. Available for U.S. based insureds with events outside the U.S. and Canada.


Available coverages include:

Inland Marine Rented Equipment, Owned Equipment.
General Liability Limits up to 5,000,000. Waiver of Subrogation.
Contingent Automobile Automobile Liability, Automobile Physical Damage, Limits up to 5,000,000.


Single Event Multiple/Annual
attendees per day up to 10,000 up to 10,000
Number of Events 1 1 or more
Events must be declared in advance Yes Yes
Split Dates Allowed No No
budget All Budgets All Budgets
Coverage Territory Worldwide (Other than US and Canada) Worldwide (Other than US and Canada)
Coverage Term up to 30 days Annual
Coverage Lines Inland Marine, Liability, Contingent Automobile Inland Marine, Liability, Contingent Automobile
Minimum Premium $500* $1,750*

*Minimum premiums exclude applicable taxes and fees. Actual premiums will depend upon the location, coverages, limits and other factors specific to the risk.

Eligible States

The Abacus Foreign Events program is currently available for clients located in the indicated states. Hover over each state for a list of lines of business available.

The content displayed on this website is for informational purposes only and is not an offer for insurance. To apply for insurance, contact your broker.
Coverages referenced on this website may not be available in all territories and may vary depending on the exposure. Minimum premiums may vary by state.

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