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Abacus Insurance Brokers Expands Online Entertainment Errors & Omissions Program Offerings

Mar 17, 2011, Source: Abacus Insurance

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.-- Abacus Insurance Brokers, Inc., a Los Angeles-based program manager that distributes specialty insurance products online through, has expanded its Online Entertainment Errors & Omissions program offerings.

The Multimedia Production E&O program, covering individual production or series, is now available in 49 states.  Besides now being offered on admitted paper, enhancements include:  the option for an occurrence coverage basis, limits up to 5 million aggregate and occurrence, and productions with gross production budgets up to $20 million.  Premium start at $2,500.

In addition, Abacus has launched two new entertainment E&O programs:  a Blanket DICE E&O program and an Acquisition, Development, and Film Library program.  The Blanket DICE E&O allows DICE production companies to obtain annual blank coverage for certain types of productions without the requirement of scheduling productions.  Coverage is available admitted and on a claims made coverage basis in 47 states.  Premiums start at $2,500.  The Acquisition, Development, and Film Library program provides coverage a) on a blanket and unscheduled basis whilst productions are being developed, and b) on a scheduled basis for completed productions that are part of a film library.  Coverage is available admitted and on either a claims made or occurrence basis in 47 states.  Premiums start at $5,500.

The Abacus Entertainment E&O programs all operate online with immediate policy and endorsement issuance.  In addition, brokers are able to issue certificates of insurance online.

“We continue to listen to our broker network and develop and deliver product that fulfills their needs,” says Darren Lewin, Abacus Vice President of Programs.  "The enhancements and new offerings launched today provide valuable tools that allow the brokers to efficiently market new risks as well as cross-sell existing risks."

For more information about the Abacus Online Entertainment Errors & Omissions Programs and other online insurance programs, visit or contact Darren Lewin at 310-500-2302,

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