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Zurich & Abacus Film Program Partnership

Oct 10, 2019, Source: Abacus Insurance

Zurich and Program Administrator, Abacus, started writing the Film Production program together in 2005, and the program has been a consistent top performer ever since. The program offers coverage for a wide range of film production risks, from short-term productions and annual documentary, industrial, education and commercial films nationwide for television, to film producers, student filmmakers and production companies. Coverage includes General Liability, Inland Marine, Non-Owned/Hired Auto Liability and Worker's Compensation.

Zurich Program Manager Brian O'Neill recently presented Abacus with Zurich's 2018 Award of Distinction for their strong performance in GWP, underwriting quality and compliance achievements.

"The success of the program can be attributed to Abacus' and Zurich's deep commitment to underwriting quality, strong financial performance and a strong relationship in which each values the other." O'Neill says.

"The Abacus team is very sophisticated. The amount of policies they write is astronomical. Their automated system allows the efficiency that fives them scale. It's really impressive!"

Darren Lewin, Vice President – Programs for Abacus, says "When we first discussed the program with Zurich, there were synergies in the way we both wanted to offer the program. Zurich was able to provide all lines of coverage, which we didn't have previously, and we were able to operate in a completely online environment. The more efficient we can be, the better, because it allows producers to focus on sales."

Both Abacus and Zurich continue to look for ways to expand profitability. "When a program demonstrates the kind of success that we see with Abacus, we want to find more ways to grow together and write more business." O'Neill says. "The strong relationship and the success of the program translate to a mutual desire to explore opportunities and find ways to write new programs."

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