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Abacus Insurance Brokers awarded Target Markets Best Practices Honors

Nov 12, 2009, Source: Target Markets Program Administrators Association

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA) awarded two of its member agencies, Abacus Insurance Brokers Inc., and National Specialty Underwriters, the Association’s Best Practice Designation at their recent Ninth Annual Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bill Kronenberg, TMPAA President stated, “It is a testament to the talent, tenacity and creativity of our members, that the vast majority have not just survived these troubled times, but have in fact grown and improved their operations. The Best Practice Designation showcases our members who function at the highest levels of this industry segment and have demonstrated their expertise in Program Administration. We are pleased to recognize Abacus Insurance Brokers and National Specialty Underwriters as our newest Best Practice Designation recipients.”

"As an online program manager, it's imperative that our controls and procedures are of the highest quality and continually surpasses industry standards,” says Darren Lewin, Vice President of Programs at Abacus Insurance Brokers, Inc., "We welcomed the opportunity for Target Markets to rigorously review and ultimately provide validation of our strategies, controls, overall operations and our ongoing efforts to advance specialty programs online through cutting-edge proprietary technology. Target Markets has been invaluable in furthering Abacus' growth objectives and is a great asset to the industry. We are honored to have earned its Best Practices Designation.”

Chris Randall, President and CEO of NSU, had this to say in accepting the award, “NSU has been a member of Target Markets from its inception. We are a strong believer in TMPAA’s mission to support Program Administrators and it has been exciting to watch the organization grow and improve each year. Getting this award from TMPAA is particularly meaningful to us because we are being assessed by the most reputable and knowledgeable organization in the country when it comes to best practices for Program Administrators. “

“Two of the major tenants of NSU’s long-term strategic plan are to continuously develop program expertise, and to clearly define business practices that distinguish us from competitors. We set out three years ago to implement best practices at NSU. The TMPAA evaluation process gave us an outside set of eyes to evaluate the progress we’ve made and validate that we are on the right track. We are proud of the designation and our affiliation with TMPAA. “

The Association’s Ninth Annual Summit was attended by over 600 Program Business Professionals including the groups 52 Program Carriers. Steve Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple Computers provided the meeting’s keynote presentation, with President and CEO of Marsh & McLennan, Brian Duperreault, providing a state of the industry address.

The Target Markets Program Administrators Association’s Mid Year Meeting is scheduled for April 12-14, 2010 in Baltimore MD with Keynote Speaker, Gen Colin Powell (Ret.), and Industry Speaker, W. Marston (Marty)
Becker, Chairman and CEO Max Capital Group.

Program Specialist/MGA’s interested in learning more about the TMPAA Best Practice Designation or the Association can find information at or by calling 877-347-5700.

Abacus Insurance Brokers can be found at . National Specialty Underwriters can be found at

For additional information, contact the Target Markets Program Administrators Association (TMPAA).  Ray Scotto – Executive Director - at (877) 347 - 5700. E-mail address:

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