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Abacus Launches Client Services

May 16, 2013, Source: Abacus Insurance

SANTA MONICA, CA.--Abacus Insurance Brokers, a Santa Monica-based program manager that distributes specialty insurance products online through brokers nationwide, has launched Abacus Client Services.

Abacus Client Services is a value-added service for policyholders insured through the Abacus program. Insureds are able to download policy documents, view policy details and, issue certificates of insurance in real-time. Insureds gain access to Abacus Client Services either by receiving an invitation from their broker or by accessing the site directly and registering. Abacus Client Services is available 24x7 and is optimized for mobile.

"Abacus Client Services came about from listening to our clients, the insurance brokers that access Abacus. We have built a service center that allows insureds to easily perform routine tasks normally undertaken by the brokers. Furthermore, the insured prefer that these tasks, such as certificate issuance, be handled by insured on their schedules. The brokers can now apportion more of their time towards additional sales opportunities." says Darren Lewin, Vice President of Programs at Abacus.

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